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Yu Garden (Yuyuan) 豫园 is no longer available on the Go Shanghai Card All-Inclusive Pass, but there are still 15 other Shanghai attractions to choose from!
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Yu Garden (Yuyuan) 豫园 tickets

Gate Prices Adult $5.91

Brief description:

Located near the City God Temple in Old City, Yu Garden (Yuyuan) is one of Shanghai’s most popular attractions. The garden’s name means Garden of Happiness and is sure to make visitors smile as they take in all the beautiful plant life.

What you get:

Your Yu Garden tickets will allow you access to all six of the Suzhou-style areas. Enjoy a relaxing day exploring the plant life, ponds, pavilions and more.


  • Sansui Hall: this is where you’ll find the Rockery, home to the famous Jade Rock, a porous 5-ton boulder. As the story goes, this rock was meant to be used in the Imperial Palace of Beijing.
  • Wanhua Chamber: translating to “The Chamber of Ten Thousand Flowers”, it’s quite obvious what you’ll find here!
  • Dianchun Hall: built in 1820 during the first year under the rule of the Daoguang Emperor, this hall served as home base for the Small Swords Society.
  • Huijing Hall: spend some time strolling the trails and admiring the beautiful plants and animals that call the garden home.
  • Yuhua Hall: here you’ll find rosewood pieces originating from the Ming Dynasty and beautifully crafted pavilions.
  • Inner Garden: full of rockeries, ponds, pavilions and towers, this expansive area of flowers and plant life is the perfect place to explore and relax.

Tips for visiting:

  • Visit the garden on a weekday to avoid crowds.

From coy ponds, to pavilions, to little shops, Yu Garden is a great place to spend a peaceful day. After your visit, you can explore Old City and all its history, shops and attractions.

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Getting In

Please redeem your pass for an admission ticket at the Yuyuan Garden ticket office located on the north side of the Huxin Pavilion Jiuqu Bridge prior to entry.


Daily, 8:45 am-4:45 pm.


No. 218 Anren St
Huangpu District, Shanghai

Public Transportation

Take Metro Line 10 and get off at Yuyuan Station, then walk to Yu Garden.

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