Shanghai World Financial Center & Jin Mao Tower: Comparing the 2 Observation Decks

One of the best places to see all that Shanghai has to offer is from above.

With plenty of unique buildings, historical landmarks and marvels, visiting one of Shanghai’s best observation decks is a must on any bucket list. So how do you decide between the two?

We’re breaking down the differences between the Shanghai World Financial Center, Jin Mao Tower, and the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower so you can choose your favorite – or visit all two!

What’s Included with General Admission:

To start, Shanghai World Financial Center tickets and Jin Mao Tower tickets are both included on Go Shanghai Card.

That means you can visit BOTH observation decks for one price, which can save you up to 30% off vs paying separately at the gate.

Below we’ll break down what is included with general admission tickets to each observation deck.

Shanghai World Financial Center

The Shanghai World Financial Center is among one of the top 10 tallest buildings in the world. Your Shanghai World Financial Center tickets include:

  • Access to Sky Walk 100, the 100th-floor observation deck complete with three transparent glass-floor walkways and 360-degree views of the entire city
  • Access to Sky Walk 97, where you’ll really feel like you’re walking in the sky. This open-air roof deck allows you to take in the fresh air as you admire the surrounding sights.
  • Access to Sky Arena 94, a 2000 sq ft. floor made completely of floor-to-ceiling glass windows. You’ll have the best view of the river here.
  • Shopping, dining and hotel options throughout the 104-floor complex

Jin Mao Tower

Jin Mao Tower’s one-of-a-kind design was created by famous Chicago architect, Adrian R. Smith, who also designed the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Your Jin Mao Tower tickets include:

  • Access to the 88th floor observation deck and panoramic views of the river and beyond.
  • A chance to ride in the quickest elevator in the world – you’ll zip to the 88th floor in 45 seconds.
  • Shopping, dining and hotel options throughout the complex.


As indicated by blue dots

Sometimes when choosing between the two options, it simply comes down to the logistics of getting there or fitting it into your sightseeing schedule. Luckily, all of these observation decks are located in great areas and are relatively close to one another.

Shanghai World Financial Center & Jin Mao Tower

Both of these towers are located within a five minute walk to one another.

Part of the Pudong District, the towers are conveniently located in a sea of other notable skyscrapers like the Shanghai Tower. Within the tower you’ll find the iconic Guanfu Classical Art Museum.

They are also a short distance away from Lujiazui Central Green Space, a gorgeous public park.

Comparing the Views

Shanghai World Financial Center

From the top of the Shanghai World Financial Center, you’ll be able to see both the Jin Mao Tower and the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower.

You’ll also have a great view of the flowing river and the surrounding Shanghai skyline.

Jin Mao Tower

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Click play for a taste of what you’ll see at Jin Mao Tower!

Upgrades & Other Experiences

Shanghai World Financial Center

Your Shanghai World Financial Center tickets already include all there is to see at this observation deck! Enjoy stepping out onto Sky Walk 100, Sky Walk 97 and Sky Arena 94 for different but equally beautiful vantage points.

When visiting, feel free to check out the shops and restaurants in the building as well.

Jin Mao Tower

Your Jin Mao Tower tickets include access to the 88th floor observation deck and a ride on the quickest elevator in the world. In addition to the observation deck, there are other experiences you can add to your visit to the tower.

  • Walking in the Clouds: if you’re extremely brave, this might be the activity for you! Jin Mao Tower’s external platform is the first of its kind in China and allows visitor to harness themselves to the building and walk the exterior of the tower. You can quite literally walk through the clouds.

In Summary; the Biggest Differences between Shanghai World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower

While the two observation decks all offer incredible views, there are some differences to note before choosing which one you’d like to visit.

Shanghai World Financial Center: includes admission to three different observation deck levels, where you’ll find glass floors and panoramic views. It’s a great place to snap a one-of-a-kind photo while seeing all that the city has to offer. It also offers great views of Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower and Jin Mao Tower.

Jin Mao Tower: includes admission to the 88th floor observation deck and a ride on the quickest elevator in the world. Zip up 88 floors in 45 seconds for the some of the greatest views in Shanghai. You’ll have 360-degree views of Shanghai’s Financial District and you’re only a 5-minute walk from Shanghai World Financial Center.

All in all, you’re sure to have a great time and see beautiful sights no matter which one you choose.

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